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Home & Office Delivery

Your one-stop solution for customized Corporate F&B needs in Business, Education, and Health sectors

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Digital Tuck Shop

  Vending Machine 

Meal & Catering 

Bulk Provisions 

Access a wide range of snacks and essentials anytime, all through our smart, online platform

Available 24x7

for all your snack

and drink needs

Enjoy fresh, delicious meals delivered to your office every day

Any snacks, packed or fresh, for Office events and occasions are just a message away

Grubox Digital Cafeteria transforms office dining with advanced kiosks, providing easy online ordering, quick queues, and simple inventory management.


Our services include smart cafeterias, vending machines, Event-tailored deliveries, office snacking requirements, and more. You name it, and we deliver in 24 hours.

Real-time sales dashboards help you manage your workplace better while enjoying delicious meals.

Our Trusted Clients

Grubox Cafe is more than just an online Cafeteria Kiosk

Revolutionize your office dining with Grubox Cafe’s cutting-edge digital platform. Our online kiosk system drastically reduces wait times, ensuring your meal is ready when you are. Experience a user-driven approach with real-time feedback and ratings, allowing for continuous improvement and personalized service. Enjoy a diverse range of healthy and flavorful food options designed to meet your employees' needs. Facility Managers and Admins gain comprehensive control over cafeteria operations through our user-friendly dashboards. Dive into a new era of efficiency with Grubox Cafe—where your next meal is just a tap away.

India's Smartest Vending Machine

Are you still using outdated touch machines that force you to wait in long lines to get your product?

Upgrade to our premium, self-learning vending machine! With Machine based learning, offers auto-filling without the need for calls,

Highlighted Features:

  • Calorie Tracking

  • Dedicated Customer Support

  • Variety of Branded Products


Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to convenience and innovation!

No More Waiting in Line – Just Swipe and Get Your Snacks in No Time

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Orders Delivered


 Branded SKUs 


With deep industry experience since 2017, we've expanded our reach across hundreds of clients, prioritizing quality and trust.

Indulge in our daily selection of mouthwatering bakery products, baked fresh for you.

Snacks and Drinks

Explore our complete range and more, featuring party delights, healthy options, and quick bites.


Home-styled meals, with an everyday changing menu and pocket-friendly price

Partnered with Premium Brands

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